vg|NZ InterProvincials 2020 - Match 7,Open,I,13,24,Otago/Southland,0,Canterbury,0| rs|4HN=,4HN-1,5DNx-3,4HE=,1SN-1,1NE=,4SW-3,4SW-1,5DE=,5DE=,3DS-3,2HS-1,6DS=,7DS-1,5CS-1,3SE=,3SW=,4SW-1,3NE+1,5DE-1,4SS=,4SS=,5CNx-3,4SE+1| pn|Somerville,Wilkinson,Wylie,Newton,Schumacher,Johnston,Skipper,S Coutts|pg|| qx|o13|st||md|3SK32HAQ64DJ74C862,S864HT2DAT96CKQ97,SAJ5HJ987DQCAJT53,SQT97HK53DK8532C4|sv|b|nt|vugraphzen: 4H a bit pushy in other room, but vul at IMPs and all that|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: auction seems reasonable enough, to be fair|pg|| mb|2C|an|precision|mb|p|mb|2D|an|.|mb|p|mb|2H|mb|p|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: yep, I thought he would :). notice that a lot of stuff is nicely placed here. let's see if he can make it|pg|| pc|sT|nt|vugraphzen: S saying she might have passed 2@H|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s6|nt|vugraphzen: v helpful lead|pg|| pc|sJ|pg|| pc|h7|pc|h3|pc|hQ|pc|h2|pg|| pc|c2|pc|cQ|pc|cA|pc|c4|pg|| pc|h8|pc|h5|pc|hA|pc|hT|pg|| pc|c6|pc|c7|pc|cT|pc|hK|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|sK|pc|s4|pc|s5|pg|| pc|c8|pc|cK|pc|c3|mc|10|nt|vugraphzen: perhaps singleton club lead? though it is decl suit - so it might trap partner's holding|pg|| pg|| qx|c13|st||md|3SK32HAQ64DJ74C862,S864HT2DAT96CKQ97,SAJ5HJ987DQCAJT53,SQT97HK53DK8532C4|sv|b|mb|1C|an|2+|nt|shardonay: Welcome to the last match of the 1st round robin|pg|| mb|1D|mb|d|mb|3C|an|4cd !D raise|mb|3H|nt|Patricck: Welcome Everyone. At the start of the match these teams were 5th and 6th in the Open. I can't tell you more up to date than that because my link to the results has not yet been updated with Match 6|pg|| mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|c4|nt|Patricck: Do you have more up to date standings Sharon?|pg|| nt|shardonay: No same as you|pg|| nt|shardonay: Both pairs are playing 2/1|pg|| pc|c2|pc|cQ|pc|cA|pg|| nt|Patricck: Declarer doesn't need to pick the rumps perfectly by running the J@H..... the clubs will provide a discard for the potential spade loser|pg|| pc|h7|pc|h3|pc|hA|pc|h2|pg|| pc|h4|pc|hT|pc|hJ|pc|hK|pg|| pc|d8|pc|d4|nt|Patricck: however a diamond switch now is another matter|pg|| pc|dA|pc|dQ|pg|| pc|cK|pc|c3|pc|d5|pc|c6|pg|| pc|c7|pc|c5|pc|h5|pc|c8|pg|| mc|9|pg|| qx|o14|st||md|4SAK2HQDKT98632CQJ,S875HT876DQJCA854,ST93HK2D754CT9732,SQJ64HAJ9543DACK6|sv|o|nt|vugraphzen: N saying good to get a board back, he thinks bd 18 was a disaster for his side|pg|| mb|1C|an|15+|mb|2C|an|!D or !H!S|mb|d|mb|2D|mb|2H|mb|3D|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|4H|mb|5D|mb|d|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: N "why do you do this to me?" :D|pg|| pc|sQ|nt|vugraphzen: N "don't want to go for 800"|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: S "you didn't have to bid"|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s8|pc|s3|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: doesn't look too bad|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: defence can't attack S profitably. E might try a small one to induce a misguess|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: N is very unhappy, went to get water|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|h6|pc|h2|pc|hA|pg|| pc|cK|pc|cJ|pc|c4|pc|c2|pg|| pc|c6|pc|cQ|pc|cA|pc|c3|pg|| pc|s7|pc|sT|pc|sJ|pc|sK|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s5|pc|s9|pc|s4|pg|| pc|d4|pc|dA|pc|d2|pc|dQ|pg|| pc|s6|mc|8|nt|vugraphzen: unfortuantely created a trump promotion situation - needed to leave trumps from table|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: lead*|pg|| pg|| qx|c14|st||md|4SAK2HQDKT98632CQJ,S875HT876DQJCA854,ST93HK2D754CT9732,SQJ64HAJ9543DACK6|sv|o|nt|Patricck: If you are scared of a singleton club in the East hand it doesn't seem right to play Ace and another heart. That only works when East had less than 3 trumps. If they are short in clubs they are not also likely to be short in trumps|pg|| mb|1H|mb|2D|mb|2H|mb|p|mb|4H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sK|pc|s5|pc|sT|pc|s4|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s7|pc|s3|pc|s6|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|cA|pc|c7|pc|c6|pg|| pc|h6|pc|h2|pc|h3|pc|hQ|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|c4|pc|c2|pc|cK|pg|| pc|hA|mc|10|pg|| qx|o15|st||md|1S53HT75DJ864CQJ62,SA2HA864D953C7543,SKJ986HK93DK2CAK9,SQT74HQJ2DAQT7CT8|sv|n|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1C|an|16+|mb|p|mb|1D|an|weak|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: lofty heights here :)|pg|| pc|cT|nt|vugraphzen: W "modest collection" S "I've seen better" N "very nice, thanks"|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c3|pc|cA|pg|| pc|cK|pc|c8|pc|c6|pc|c4|pg|| pc|c9|pc|s4|pc|cJ|pc|c7|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|h5|nt|vugraphzen: this is the last board of the match - thanks all|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: back in about 35min|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h3|pg|| pc|h4|pc|hK|pc|h2|pc|h7|pg|| pc|h9|pc|hJ|pc|hT|pc|h6|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d4|pc|d5|pc|d2|pg|| pc|d7|pc|d8|pc|d9|pc|dK|pg|| pc|s9|pc|sT|pc|s3|pc|s2|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d6|pc|d3|pc|s6|pg|| pc|s8|pc|s7|pc|s5|pc|sA|pg|| mc|6|nt|vugraphzen: fairly close match in the end, lots of exciting hands|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: see you all after lunch|pg|| pg|| qx|c15|st||md|1S53HT75DJ864CQJ62,SA2HA864D953C7543,SKJ986HK93DK2CAK9,SQT74HQJ2DAQT7CT8|sv|n|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|d|mb|p|mb|1N|mb|p|mb|p|nt|Patricck: Some Strong NT players would open the North hand 1NT.... with all those aces and kings it is probably right to upgrade it to 18 points and open 1@S|pg|| mb|p|pc|s5|nt|nz 7227: Frisky reopen from W, but he knows Pard has some values|pg|| pc|s2|pc|sK|pc|s4|pg|| nt|Patricck: At a top open level it would have been surprising if he hadn't reopened with 8 points and short spades... particularly when not vulnerable|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c8|pc|c2|pc|c3|pg|| nt|Patricck: I agree it is an instructive point because many intermediates would have passed it out|pg|| pc|s6|pc|s7|pc|s3|pc|sA|pg|| nt|nz 7227: seems right to work on @h here|pg|| pc|h4|pc|hK|pc|h2|pc|h7|pg|| pc|cK|pc|cT|pc|c6|pc|c4|pg|| pc|c9|pc|d7|pc|cJ|pc|c5|pg|| pc|cQ|pc|c7|pc|s8|pc|sT|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h6|pc|h9|pc|hQ|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|d4|pc|d3|pc|s9|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|hT|pc|hA|pc|h3|pg|| pc|h8|pc|sJ|pc|dT|pc|d6|pg|| pc|d5|pc|d2|pc|dQ|pc|d8|pg|| pc|dA|pc|dJ|pc|d9|pc|dK|pg|| pg|| qx|o16|st||md|2S8HQJ9DK7532C5432,SA7542HKDQJTCAQJT,SKJ9HA753DA986C76,SQT63HT8642D4CK98|sv|e|nt|vugraphzen: strong club for EW and it will come up straight away|pg|| mb|1C|an|15+|mb|p|mb|1D|an|.|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hA|pc|h2|pc|h9|pc|hK|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h4|pc|hJ|pc|s2|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|dA|pc|d4|pc|d2|pg|| pc|h3|pc|h6|pc|hQ|pc|s4|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|d6|pc|s3|pc|d3|pg|| pc|c8|pc|c2|pc|cQ|pc|c7|pg|| pc|dT|pc|d8|pc|s6|pc|d5|pg|| pc|sT|pc|s8|pc|sA|pc|s9|pg|| pc|s5|pc|sK|pc|sQ|pc|c3|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|cK|pc|c4|pc|s7|pg|| pc|d9|pc|c9|pc|dK|mc|7|nt|vugraphzen: roof fell in|pg|| pg|| qx|c16|st||md|2S8HQJ9DK7532C5432,SA7542HKDQJTCAQJT,SKJ9HA753DA986C76,SQT63HT8642D4CK98|sv|e|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|3C!|an|6-9 4!S|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|Patricck: 4@S can be made. Not straightforward to bid it with 22 points but they certainly might do so|pg|| nt|Patricck: I took too long to type that... they already had :$|pg|| pc|dA|nt|nz 7227: Now to make it, how are you playing the @s|pg|| pc|d4|pc|d5|pc|dJ|pg|| nt|Patricck: After ruffing 2 diamonds you play a small one towards the Q10 which are the only 2 left in dummy|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: -3 seems an unusual result|pg|| nt|Patricck: Hmm...hadn't even seen that|pg|| pc|c7|pc|c8|pc|c2|nt|Patricck: After the A@D lead you might be tempted to play North for AK@D and take a ruffing finesse|pg|| pc|cA|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d6|nt|Patricck: that wouldn't work out so well, but would be a reasonable line|pg|| pc|s3|pc|d2|pg|| pc|s6|pc|s8|pc|sA|pc|s9|pg|| pc|dT|pc|d8|pc|sT|pc|d3|pg|| pc|sQ|pc|c5|pc|s2|pc|sK|pg|| nt|Patricck: that isn't going to work out so well, but Otago will be pleasantly surprised by the +5 IMPs|pg|| pc|d9|pc|h2|pc|dK|pc|s4|pg|| pc|cT|pc|c6|pc|cK|pc|c3|pg|| pc|h4|pc|h9|pc|hK|pc|hA|pg|| mc|9|pg|| qx|o17|st||md|3SA73HKQJT53DCT765,SQ5HA98DAQ92CQ932,SJT962H7642DTCAJ4,SK84HDKJ876543CK8|sv|o|nt|vugraphzen: that is one monstrous diamond fit for EW|pg|| mb|p|mb|2D|an|6+!D no M 10-14|mb|2H|mb|2N|mb|3H|mb|5D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: 2NT is a surprise, I'd be bidding game|pg|| pc|hK|pc|hA|pc|h2|pc|s4|pg|| mc|11|nt|vugraphzen: draw trumps, lose two black aces|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: well, trump, singular, I suppose :)|pg|| pg|| qx|c17|st||md|3SA73HKQJT53DCT765,SQ5HA98DAQ92CQ932,SJT962H7642DTCAJ4,SK84HDKJ876543CK8|sv|o|nt|Patricck: While it can be made double dummy the awkawardness of the entries to the West hand probably mean it will usually fail in practice|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: Schumacher didn't see Skipper had a top @S left, says hes much happier writing +100 than -620|pg|| mb|p|mb|1D|mb|2H|an|8/9-12|mb|3H|mb|4H|nt|Patricck: 5@H is a great sacrifice against 5@D|pg|| mb|5D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hK|nt|nz 7227: Yes, just shows you how powerful a void is|pg|| mc|11|nt|vugraphzev: Coutts claimed losing 2 aces, both N/S say well played|pg|| pg|| qx|o18|st||md|4SJHJ9642DQJT2CAK9,SAK97HA8D85CJ7654,SQT542HT5DA64CQ83,S863HKQ73DK973CT2|sv|n|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|1S|mb|1N|nt|vugraphzen: yup, 4-card overcall|pg|| mb|2S|mb|3D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sK|pc|s2|pc|s8|pc|sJ|pg|| pc|d8|pc|d4|pc|dK|pc|d2|pg|| pc|d3|pc|dT|pc|d5|pc|d6|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h8|pc|hT|pc|hQ|pg|| pc|d7|pc|dJ|pc|c6|pc|dA|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h3|pc|h9|pc|hA|pg|| pc|c4|pc|c3|pc|cT|pc|cA|pg|| pc|h6|pc|s7|pc|s4|pc|h7|pg|| pc|c2|pc|cK|pc|c5|pc|c8|pg|| pc|c9|pc|c7|pc|cQ|pc|d9|pg|| pc|hK|pc|h4|mc|6|nt|vugraphzen: a little expensive|pg|| pg|| qx|c18|st||md|4SJHJ9642DQJT2CAK9,SAK97HA8D85CJ7654,SQT542HT5DA64CQ83,S863HKQ73DK973CT2|sv|n|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|d|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2D|mb|p|mb|2H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|c4|pc|c3|pc|cT|pc|cK|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h8|pc|hT|pc|hQ|pg|| pc|c2|pc|c9|pc|c7|pc|cQ|pg|| pc|h5|pc|h3|pc|h4|pc|hA|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|c8|pc|h7|pc|cA|pg|| nt|shardonay: I have just been asked 'which Coutts?' It is Sam the middle brother :)|pg|| pc|s8|pc|sJ|pc|sK|pc|s2|pg|| pc|c6|pc|s4|nt|Patricck: The other table seems to go down 3 a lot|pg|| pc|s6|pc|h6|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|d5|pc|d4|pc|dK|pg|| mc|7|nt|Patricck: This time it is 5 IMPs the other way|pg|| pg|| qx|o19|st||md|1SAJT8HAJ2DA864C42,S52HQT8764DJT52C7,SK93HDKQ973CAKJT8,SQ764HK953DCQ9653|sv|e|nt|vugraphzen: grand for NS though the 4-0 trump break might complicate matters|pg|| mb|1N|an|14-16|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: wonder if they have a bid for both minors|pg|| mb|2N|an|asks for minors|mb|p|mb|3D|an|better minor|mb|p|mb|4C|an|ask aces|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: how to evaluate the South hand... 4 trump, good, 3 aces, good; but minimum, no real trick source|pg|| mb|4H|mb|p|mb|6D|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: turns out, South wasn't doing any evaluating, just counting aces :)|pg|| pc|c7|pc|cA|pc|c6|pc|c2|pg|| pc|dK|pc|h3|pc|d4|pc|d2|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: S "glad I'm not in 7!"|pg|| pc|cK|pc|c3|pc|c4|pc|d5|pg|| pc|s5|pc|s3|pc|sQ|pc|sA|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: can now claim, spades are established and only 2 trump left so 1 club can be ruffed|pg|| pc|dA|pc|dT|pc|d3|pc|s4|pg|| pc|d6|pc|dJ|pc|dQ|pc|h5|pg|| pc|cJ|pc|cQ|pc|d8|pc|h4|pg|| pc|s8|pc|s2|pc|sK|pc|s6|pg|| pc|cT|mc|12|nt|vugraphzen: W not happy that S didn't claim - seems a touch harsh to say|pg|| pg|| qx|c19|st||md|1SAJT8HAJ2DA864C42,S52HQT8764DJT52C7,SK93HDKQ973CAKJT8,SQ764HK953DCQ9653|sv|e|nt|vugraphzev: Yes; I've updated the name to S Coutts|pg|| nt|shardonay: :)|pg|| nt|Patricck: A pretty good 7@D, but not so much when trummps are 4-0|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: David Skipper also has a brother Daniel, so putting D Skipper wouldn't help much there|pg|| mb|1D|mb|p|nt|Patricck: You would be happy enough to be in 6@D, but even that needs some work on this layout|pg|| nt|shardonay: And of course his parents are also playing although they are J & J|pg|| mb|2D|an|Nat GF|mb|p|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|3C|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|4C|an|Cue bid|mb|p|nt|Patricck: Inverted minors are very common these days. You don't have to play them, but some hands are certainly easier to bid if you can show diaond support and a good hand while keeping the bidding low|pg|| mb|4H|an|Cue bid|mb|p|nt|shardonay:|pg|| mb|4S|an|Cue bid|mb|p|mb|4N|mb|p|mb|5S|an|2keycards + Q!D|mb|p|nt|shardonay: updated now and no change in the standing of these 2 teams|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: I think these teams are doing worse than one would expect.|pg|| mb|5N|an|Confirms all keycards|mb|p|mb|7D|nt|Patricck: Well bid, but the bridge gods don't like you|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|nz 7227: The only way to pick up the @d is small to the A|pg|| pc|c7|nt|shardonay: It will be interesting at the end as all teams were selected this year, rather than trials|pg|| nt|Patricck: Yes, if that was the only problem, but you need to set up clubs as well|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c3|pc|c4|pg|| pc|dK|pc|h3|nt|Patricck: Don't type out whatever Tim says at this point ;)|pg|| pc|d4|pc|d2|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: He leaned back in his chair and is pulling a few faces, dead silent table though|pg|| pc|d3|pc|h5|pc|dA|pc|d5|pg|| pc|c2|pc|h4|pc|cK|pc|c5|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|h9|pc|d6|pc|dJ|pg|| pc|s9|pc|s4|pc|s8|pc|s2|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s6|pc|sT|pc|s5|pg|| pc|s3|pc|s7|pc|sJ|pc|dT|pg|| pc|h6|pc|c8|pc|hK|pc|hA|pg|| pc|sA|pc|h7|pc|cT|pc|sQ|pg|| mc|12|pg|| qx|o20|st||md|2ST43HAQJ64D9CAQ96,SJ2HT98532DA73C75,S86H7DQJ542CKJT32,SAKQ975HKDKT86C84|sv|b|mb|p|mb|2N|an|!D !C <10|mb|3S|mb|5C|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|sJ|pc|s6|pc|sQ|pc|s3|pg|| pc|sK|pc|s4|pc|s2|pc|s8|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: D loser is not going anywhere, unfortunately. HK nicely placed though, so should be down only 1|pg|| pc|sA|pc|sT|pc|h2|pc|c2|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d6|pc|d9|pc|dA|pg|| pc|c7|pc|cK|pc|c4|pc|c6|pg|| pc|d4|pc|d8|pc|c9|pc|d3|pg|| pc|hA|pc|h3|pc|h7|pc|hK|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c5|pc|c3|pc|c8|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|h5|pc|d5|mc|10|pg|| qx|c20|st||md|2ST43HAQJ64D9CAQ96,SJ2HT98532DA73C75,S86H7DQJ542CKJT32,SAKQ975HKDKT86C84|sv|b|mb|p|mb|p|mb|1S|mb|2H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|d|nt|Patricck: I see bradley no longer qualifies as youth..... certainly youth players would have a weak 2 in @H despite the poor (or non-existent) suit quality|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|mb|2N!|mb|p|mb|3C|mb|p|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hA|nt|shardonay: Now that makes me feel old, I remember Brads first day of play at Otago LOL|pg|| pc|h2|pc|h7|pc|hK|pg|| pc|d9|pc|d3|pc|dJ|pc|dK|pg|| pc|s5|pc|s3|pc|sJ|pc|s6|pg|| pc|s2|pc|s8|pc|sA|pc|s4|pg|| pc|sK|pc|sT|pc|h3|nt|shardonay: It is always good to see disciplined bidding|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: Claimed losing 1@D and 2@C|pg|| mc|9|pg|| qx|o21|st||md|3S8HKJ9642DJ65CA96,SQ9654HA85DAT9C83,SAJTHQT7DK87CJT52,SK732H3DQ432CKQ74|sv|n|nt|vugraphzen: S saying hands have been very interesting so far. She is right!|pg|| mb|1D|an|.|mb|p|mb|1H|mb|p|mb|1N|an|11-13|mb|p|mb|2H|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|3H|mb|p|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|h7|nt|vugraphzen: love the aggressive pre-balance by W|pg|| pc|h3|pc|hK|pc|hA|pg|| pc|c3|pc|c2|pc|cK|pc|cA|pg|| pc|c6|pc|c8|pc|cJ|pc|cQ|pg|| pc|c4|pc|c9|pc|s4|pc|c5|pg|| pc|s5|pc|sT|pc|sK|pc|s8|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d5|pc|dA|pc|d7|pg|| pc|d9|pc|dK|pc|d3|pc|d6|pg|| pc|hT|pc|s2|pc|h2|pc|h5|pg|| pc|dQ|pc|dJ|pc|dT|pc|d8|pg|| pc|d4|pc|h4|pc|h8|mc|9|pg|| qx|c21|st||md|3S8HKJ9642DJ65CA96,SQ9654HA85DAT9C83,SAJTHQT7DK87CJT52,SK732H3DQ432CKQ74|sv|n|mb|1C|an|2+!C|mb|p|mb|1D!|an|!H|mb|1S|mb|p|mb|2N!|an|good 4card !S raise|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|h7|pc|h3|pc|hJ|pc|hA|pg|| pc|c8|pc|c2|pc|cK|pc|cA|pg|| nt|nz 7227: Not sure E should overrule Pard here|pg|| nt|Patricck: 2@S to lose as well as a trick in each minor. Interestingly NS are very close to making 4@H but neither table got there|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: N denied 3@H here apparently with no support X|pg|| pc|c9|pc|c3|pc|c5|pc|cQ|pg|| pc|c4|pc|c6|pc|s4|pc|cT|pg|| pc|h5|pc|hT|pc|s2|pc|h6|pg|| pc|c7|pc|h2|pc|s5|pc|cJ|pg|| pc|h8|pc|hQ|pc|s3|pc|h4|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d6|pc|d9|pc|dK|pg|| pc|d8|pc|d3|pc|d5|pc|dT|pg|| pc|s6|pc|sJ|pc|sK|pc|s8|pg|| pc|s7|pc|h9|pc|s9|pc|sT|pg|| pc|sA|pc|d4|pc|dJ|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|d7|pc|dQ|pc|hK|pc|dA|pg|| pg|| qx|o22|st||md|4SA932H76DT72CQT72,S74HQDAK853CAK654,SK85HK8542DJ4CJ98,SQJT6HAJT93DQ96C3|sv|e|nt|vugraphzen: they put the board upside down but thankfully noticed before anyone saw their cards|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: discussing diamond plays in the previous hand, decl says she was always getting it right based on points in N|pg|| mb|1S|an|both M 10-14|mb|p|mb|2C|an|relay INV+|mb|p|mb|2N|an|.|mb|p|mb|3C|an|.|mb|p|mb|3D|an|4=5=3=1|mb|p|mb|3N|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: W relayed, E showed shape (4=5=3=1)|pg|| pc|cT|nt|vugraphzen: is there much that decl can do if @D don't split... looks tough, not many entries to E|pg|| pc|cA|pc|c9|pc|c3|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|h2|pc|hA|pc|h6|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|h7|pc|c5|pc|h4|pg|| pc|hT|nt|vugraphzen: the other table bid that grand slam and went off. unlucky|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: it's a very good contract, 7@D|pg|| pc|s2|pc|c6|pc|hK|pg|| pc|s5|pc|sQ|pc|sA|pc|s4|pg|| pc|c2|pc|cK|pc|cJ|pc|h3|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d4|pc|d6|pc|d2|pg|| pc|d3|pc|dJ|pc|dQ|pc|d7|pg|| pc|h9|mc|10|nt|vugraphzen: S wanting N to have played @C. N says it makes no difference, diamonds always running|pg|| pg|| qx|c22|st||md|4SA932H76DT72CQT72,S74HQDAK853CAK654,SK85HK8542DJ4CJ98,SQJT6HAJT93DQ96C3|sv|e|nt|vugraphzev: It might be time for Flannery|pg|| nt|Patricck: Flannery shmannery....all roads lead to 3NT :)|pg|| mb|2D|an|10-15 4!S 5-6!H|mb|p|mb|2N!|mb|p|mb|3D!|an|4531 shape|mb|p|mb|4D|an|Slam try !D|nt|vugraphzev: That'll teach you to assume, Patrick|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: :)|pg|| mb|p|mb|5D|an|Minimum|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|Patricck: hmmm.... not a good advertisement for flannery if they reach somewhere else, even though 5@D is probably OK|pg|| pc|d7|nt|Patricck: cover the NS hands and ask yourself whether you would rather play 3NT or 5@D|pg|| nt|Patricck: 3NT might still make if diamonds are 4-1, wheras 5@D has no chance if that is the case|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d4|pc|d6|pg|| pc|hQ|pc|h2|pc|hA|pc|h6|pg|| pc|hJ|pc|h7|pc|s4|pc|hK|pg|| nt|shardonay: and west's hand doesn't really want to ruff|pg|| pc|dJ|pc|dQ|pc|d2|pc|d3|pg|| nt|shardonay: So my answer is 3NT :)|pg|| pc|hT|pc|dT|pc|s7|pc|h4|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: I think if Coutts had overruffed that he would still make|pg|| pc|c7|pc|cA|pc|c8|pc|c3|pg|| pc|cK|pc|c9|pc|s6|pc|c2|pg|| pc|c4|pc|cJ|pc|d9|pc|cT|pg|| pc|h9|pc|s2|pc|c5|pc|h5|pg|| pc|h3|pc|s3|mc|10|pg|| qx|o23|st||md|1SJT7HKQJ9DAJ62CK9,SAQ92HT8D953CQ843,SK8653HDKT7CAJT72,S4HA765432DQ84C65|sv|b|nt|vugraphzen: 14-16 NT again for S, and more shape again for N, not quite as good this time though|pg|| mb|1N|an|14-16|nt|vugraphzen: 4S should make, I think, despite the horrible break|pg|| mb|p|mb|2H|an|!S|mb|p|mb|2S|an|could superaccept|mb|p|mb|3C|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|pc|hT|nt|vugraphzen: superaccept would show maximum with 4 trump, so 2S denies that holding.|pg|| pc|c2|pc|hA|pc|h9|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: S "have it!"|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: S sleeping on my table :)|pg|| pc|h7|pc|hJ|pc|h8|pc|d7|pg|| pc|sJ|pc|sQ|pc|sK|pc|s4|pg|| pc|s3|pc|h2|pc|s7|pc|s9|pg|| pc|sA|pc|s5|pc|h3|pc|sT|pg|| pc|c4|pc|c7|pc|c5|pc|c9|pg|| pc|d2|pc|d5|pc|dK|pc|d4|pg|| pc|s8|pc|h4|pc|d6|pc|s2|pg|| mc|10|nt|vugraphzen: N "nicely played"|pg|| pg|| qx|c23|st||md|1SJT7HKQJ9DAJ62CK9,SAQ92HT8D953CQ843,SK8653HDKT7CAJT72,S4HA765432DQ84C65|sv|b|nt|Patricck: 3NT would also be good on this hand, but most likely they will reach 4@S the same as the other room|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: S Coutts: "That was a bit unlucky"|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: Skipper: "Trumps broke... Clubs broke... the K@H was onside..."|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: Everyone laughed and Coutts repeated "a bit unlucky"|pg|| nt|Patricck: hmmmm...... Otago VERY lucky on the 7@D hand..... not so sure the lat hand was quite so much down to luck|pg|| mb|1N|an|15-17|mb|p|mb|2H|an|!S|mb|p|mb|2S|mb|p|mb|3C|mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|4C|an|Cue bid|mb|p|mb|4D|an|Cue bid|mb|p|mb|4H|an|Cue bid|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|nt|Patricck: they don't want to be any higher|pg|| mb|p|mb|p|pc|hT|nt|Patricck: Moss Wylie made 4@H on board 13 in the other room, so Otago back into the lead|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: 7 minutes to start the final board, both tables a little slow.|pg|| pc|d7|pc|hA|pc|h9|pg|| pc|c6|pc|c9|pc|cQ|pc|cA|pg|| pc|s3|pc|s4|pc|sJ|pc|sQ|pg|| pc|d9|nt|vugraphzev: This is the end of the first Round Robin, the schedule for RR2 will be dependant on positions|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d4|pc|d2|pg|| pc|s5|pc|h7|pc|sT|pc|sA|pg|| pc|d3|pc|dT|pc|dQ|pc|dA|pg|| pc|s7|pc|s2|pc|s8|pc|h2|pg|| pc|sK|mc|10|pg|| qx|o24|st||md|2SKTHA62DA95CQ9853,SJ74HJT9DQJT876CJ,S98H754D32CKT7642,SAQ6532HKQ83DK4CA|sv|o|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: a number of players might be tempted by 3@D here in W|pg|| mb|3C|mb|d|nt|vugraphzen: seems much more reasonable than 3C on that dreck 2nd in!|pg|| mb|5C|mb|p|mb|p|mb|d|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzen: catches partner with a HUGE fit - and two aces.|pg|| pc|hK|nt|vugraphzen: W "got a nice club fit there" :)|pg|| nt|vugraphzen: N claims down 3 immediately|pg|| mc|8|nt|vugraphzen: not too pricey, 4S does seem to be on, though requires careful play to avoid D ruff|pg|| pg|| qx|c24|st||md|2SKTHA62DA95CQ9853,SJ74HJT9DQJT876CJ,S98H754D32CKT7642,SAQ6532HKQ83DK4CA|sv|o|nt|Patricck: Whatever the next match is it is scheduled to start at 1:00|pg|| nt|shardonay: last board, restart 1pm|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: Yes, which is 45 minutes from now.|pg|| mb|3D|nt|shardonay: Thx to VG op, and kibs|pg|| mb|p|mb|3S|mb|p|mb|4S|mb|p|mb|p|mb|p|nt|vugraphzev: I think Johnston's 3@D is better than Wylie's 3@C in the other room, but only just...|pg|| nt|Patricck: Last hand. Thanks to Sharon and Les for the commentary and matt for his excellent work on the Vu-Graph, lets hope he doesn't decide to give up bridge to concentrate on his vu-graphing ;)|pg|| pc|c3|pc|cJ|pc|cK|pc|cA|pg|| nt|nz 7227: yes, a great operator :)|pg|| pc|sA|pc|sT|pc|s4|pc|s8|pg|| pc|s2|pc|sK|pc|s7|pc|s9|pg|| pc|dA|pc|d6|pc|d2|pc|d4|pg|| nt|shardonay: but a better bridge player|pg|| nt|Patricck: 2 IMPs to Canterbury if Tim doesn't cash the A@H....and 2 IMps to Canterbury if he does :) no difference|pg|| nt|vugraphzev: Ah, good spotting.|pg|| pc|cQ|nt|Patricck: 50 and 80 are both 2 IMP swings|pg|| pc|h9|pc|c2|pc|s3|pg|| pc|dK|pc|d5|pc|d8|pc|d3|pg|| pc|s5|mc|11|nt|vugraphzev: Thanks all.|pg|| pg|| 唐人街探案3免费观看,唐人街探案3免费现看全部,唐人街探案3免费国语